2019 San Fernando Valley Zine Fest Vendor Application - FOR WAITLIST

Zinesters on the 2nd floor at SFVZF 2018.

Zinesters on the 2nd floor at SFVZF 2018.

While there is no fee to submit an application, a table fee will be required upon acceptance to the fest. One full table (6 ft.) costs $40 and one half table (3 ft.) costs $20. Payment will be required within three weeks of acceptance. If you are concerned about the cost, please still apply! Just let us know your need in the “Accommodations” section.

All applications will receive response by 7/31.

The 3rd annual SFV Zine Fest will be hosted on the evening of Saturday, September 21st within the Magnolia Science Academy as part of the Reseda Rising Artwalk and Night Market.

Tips and guidelines: 

  • The more details/evidence that you provide of your zines, the better the chance of your acceptance.

  • Double-triple-and-quadruple check your links! If we cannot find/see your work then we cannot accept you!

  • This is a curated event to ensure visibility of traditionally underrepresented artists.

  • Please consider the accessibility of your prices.

  • Discriminatory/problematic materials will not be considered.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
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Please tell us how you'd like your table to be listed on promotional and event-day materials.
Table Size *
When requesting a full-sized table, please use the space below to explain why a full table is required.
If applying for a full table, would you be willing to accept a half table in the event of limited space?
How many zines will you be selling? *
What are the price points of your work? *
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Selling more than zines? *
Check all that apply. Please include details about each "extra curricular" item in the space below.
Tell us why you do what you do! Give us a general idea or overarching description of your work.
Please provide the titles, content, and details of each zine you plan to sell.
Please provide direct links to images or web pages of your work. You may also email images to sfvzinefest@gmail.com with the subject line "[Your Table Name] App Pics". Emails will not be viewed without submission of this application.
Adult Content *
As part of the Reseda Rising Artwalk and Night Market, we have agreed to participate in a family-friendly event. Though adult content is welcome and there will be no censorship, we may need to identify "mature content" on event-day programming. Does your work contain "adult" material? i.e. nudity, violence, graphic descriptions.
Let us know if you have any limitations and/or whether you require any accommodations in order to comfortably participate in SFV Zine Fest.
Payment *
Your reservation is not confirmed until payment has been received. Application and payment do not guarantee table space. We reserve the right to decline applications and payment with full refund at the discretion of the SFV Zine Fest organizers. If discriminatory/problematic material becomes apparent after acceptance and payment, the table will be refunded. If this type of material is discovered day-of, it will not be tolerated and the table will be asked to leave the fest with no refund.