Meet Our Team


Sabrina Dropkick 


Sabrina is a writer and fat activist who lives in Van Nuys with Gand, the best f***ing cat ever. Her zines include the ongoing series Celibate Slut and The Little Fat Grrrl From Philly. She hosts the HOUSE open mic at Book Show in Highland Park and skates as Philly Sleazesteak with SFV Roller Derby in Sylmar.

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Caitlin McWhirt

@caitfart on twitter & instagram

Caitlin lives in Glendale, where she spends most of her time talking to the local plant life and slinging tarot cards around. By trade she is a project manager and was thrilled to help out her fellow SFVZF organizers with her bossy phone skills and expert googling.


Iggy Nicklbottum

@skullyshrooms & @shitsux

Iggy is a mutant trashcan who likes to make zines in the alleyway with his rat minions. He has made zines such as Sh*t's F****ed, I May Never Be Okay, Brownkill, Dedicated to Us, and some random drawings scattered around LA. Please bring veggie burgers to the alley behind the Superior, he is starving.